Merry Christmas Eve: The Perfect Gift

Lost in the holiday sauce yet?  Remember to keep it simple, it’s the little things that count.  The Holidays are so warm and cozy no matter what the weather may bring.

Chicago bound for Christmas!  Disclaimer: I don’t like to talk on planes or roller coasters; with todays flight I couldn’t tell the difference. And, lucky for me I got paired with, “that” person who wanted to talk and talk and talk.  Usually I go along with it but, after being completely exhausted from Vegas, I wasn’t in the mood, until she mentioned her reason for travel.  She was supposed to work but decided to give the best gift ever and take off to fly east, surprising her mother and family.  The simple gift of being there was enough to melt anyone’s heart.  This time of year reminds us what life is really about; spending time with family and great friends who are just like family.  The best gift we can give each other is the gift of spending time with the ones you love.  

Enough with the warm and fuzzies, or maybe we should add more of the warm and fuzzies… Here I’m having what I call a “Merry Chic-mas Eve” with this dress. I got it from a BCBG sample sale in San Francisco.  The feathers make this dress so darn cute and fun and not to mention warm!  This season I’ve been a huge fan of fur, feathers, and velvet.  All the cozy things.

I feel like the entire country is having such great weather; weirdly enough, I’m not mad at global warming right now.  That said, soak up this special time and cherish every moment.  Live, love, and give like there’s no tomorrow.  The holidays bring out a certain awareness in us.  Do something to make a difference in someone’s life; after-all, it’s the little things that really matter and can mean the world to someone.

With so many opportunities to make someone smile, you’ll never run out of ideas.  Let’s keep this going throughout the year!  

 Shoes:  Steve Madden   |  Clutch: Aldo  |  Dress:  BCBG   |  Jacket: Macy's  | Photos by:  Christie Malvin

Shoes: Steve Madden  |  Clutch: Aldo  |  Dress: BCBG  |  Jacket: Macy's  | Photos by: Christie Malvin

 Merry Christmas Eve Lovelies!

xoxo - Chantelle 

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