Gray: Fab not Drab

Gray. It's classic and elegant yet neutral making it, in my opinion, really easy to style.  Wearing gray doesn't have to be boring and for those of you who are hesitant, I've got you covered with this post.  Here's how I wore gray taking if from drab to fab; seamlessly. Opting for gray from head to toe goes well with all the holiday decor.

More importantly, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday because I sure did! Filled with lots of food and time with family and friends to share with. It's nice to relax and recharge the soul.  I find this time of year to be exhaustingly yet rejuvenating at the same time if that makes any sense.  Also, the sales are pretty amazing giving us time to use our gift cards to do a little shopping. 

Confidence is the real key here, so mix and match to your hearts desire. I'm going for something versatile, so I first reached for black but after all, “tis the season for holiday cheer, so I wanted a softer color.  So for me, Gray or Grey is refreshing, clean, and has a streamlined demeanor. You can take this from the office to dinner all while looking super chic.

As much as I love bright colors, I too love neutral and monochromatic shades. Grey is a color of compromising character with its balance falling between the extremes of black and white.  Its classic and its longevity will never become a fad to come and go out of style. Grays are so easy to mix and match textures and styles. 
Gray is here to stay, getting its 15 minutes of fame from the bench to the starting line it's time to shine without looking dull and dreary. Take those 50K shades of gray to get that minimalist look it's Interchangeability has been underutilized.

 Accessories: Express  |  Shoes: Ralph Lauren  |  Top:  Zara   |  Jacket:  Zara   | Bag: Celine| Photos by:  Christie Malvin

Accessories: Express  |  Shoes: Ralph Lauren  |  Top: Zara  |  Jacket: Zara  | Bag: Celine| Photos by: Christie Malvin

Hope you all are having the best holiday ever!

Chantelle - xoxo

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