Cozy Up to the New Year

Why is it colder on the west coast than it is on the east coast? What is going on with our planet?! We're bundling up this winter and getting cozy with the New Year upon us.  The city is so busy with people scurrying around and traffic is at a standstill; maybe that tells us something.  Maybe we should take a moment to stand still and reflect on the past year to plan ahead for 2016. 

New year resolutions are going around; what’s on your game plan?  Maybe you're thinking of taking up a new hobby, completing a course, or a new workout regimen.   Take a deep breath, like when the scent of a new car hits your nose and remember how that feels.  That’s what New Years Eve feels like; a fresh new beginning. Today, I'll be getting cozy with this amazingly comfortable and affordable ensemble. 

This sweater is life! I thought it would be difficult to convince you all how cool a turtleneck can be but this style by Express is so 'haute', how could we resist? I love how the turtleneck meets the tunic sweater, giving a hint of suspense with the side slit. You could layer this with a long sleeve shirt underneath, wear it with jeans or a pencil skirt. So many ways to style this thing! Oh, and it's also not super tight around the neck so you won't have to worry about smearing your makeup. This take on a turtleneck is so flattering for all body types creating a long and lean silhouette.

I challenge you to live every day like it’s your birthday; like it’s a New Year.  Keep the momentum going throughout the year fusing ways to stay motivated.  I would love to hear how your new year plans are shaping up lovelies!  

 Tunic:  Express   |  Photos by,  Christie Malvin

Tunic: Express  |  Photos by, Christie Malvin

Happy New Year's Eve Love,

Chantelle xoxo

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