How to Style Wide Legged Trousers

I’m a self-proclaimed thrifter who is all about collecting classic and timeless pieces of clothing. Searching for that 'je ne sais pas', I stumbled upon an amazing sale at Zara and fell in love with these belted high waisted trousers.  Wide leg pants were never on my list until now! I’m an average height but they make me feel like a super model.  

Wide leg trousers are here to stay; they've been around for ages. 


Trends come and go but timeless items are the best investment you can make for your wardrobe. 

My skinnies have always done the job so I never thought this style could be so flattering.

Only a rare breed manages to master the wide-leg so I will admit how intimidated I was before trying them on.  The key to pulling them off is having them hit right at or above your waist and the shoe it’s paired with.  This will make your waist look ‘snatched’ and narrow creating a streamlined look. 

Experiment with them all, from cropped (culottes) to cuffed, long, or even pleated.  The wider the better when it comes to this style of pants. I find that they pair well with a fitted top and a waist length jacket or a crop top and long coat like I’m wearing here.

Wearing an H&M crop top that was on sale for $3.50 (not kidding).  The vest and trousers are from the amazing sale going on at Zara.  So next time you’re shopping for bottoms, try on a pair of wide legged trousers – it just might work for you too!

- Chantelle xoxo