Something Borrowed

 All photos for this look are by,   Darke Fox   

All photos for this look are by, Darke Fox 

So today, the infamous phase crosses my mind, "I have nothing to wear". After rummaging through all my favorite pieces, that aren't speaking to me, I think maybe I should try a different closet. Straight to my husbands' I go and find this amazing cashmere sweater and pea coat. Way to go babe, I'm thinking this is what I'm wearing today #clutch


I've been wanting to purchase the Stuart Weitzman highlander boots but at a stiff price of over $800, I'll pass.... for now. DIY - here I come! I took an old pair of thigh high socks and pointed toe black pumps to create these boots. There are tons of SIY videos on this but I didn't even need them. It was so easy, so I will spare you the tutorial... unless you want one? Let me know!

The moral of the story is to be content with what you have.

Once I took a moment to appreciate what I have in front of me I was happy to get a little creative to create cool looks that can be worn wherever your mood leads you.


If you need any ideas, I'll so happy to get creative with you. Comment below :) 

As always ....

XOXO - Love Chauntie