This I Believe

 Photos, by   Christie Malvin

Photos, by Christie Malvin

Whether I'm charging towards work-life-balance or physical balance, I'm continuously seeking ways to equalize everything.  Feeling connected to the sun, I reach for any opportunity to feel its warmth giving me clarity. I'm loving this dewy sun-kissed look even if it is winter! 

 Jewelry by,   Lara Ismael Jewelry

Jewelry by,  Lara Ismael Jewelry

 Lace  body suit , Denim Vest -  similar,  Jersey Skirt -  similar , Braided Suede Sandals -  similar ,  Jewelry .

Lace body suit, Denim Vest - similar, Jersey Skirt - similar, Braided Suede Sandals - similar, Jewelry.

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Remember, we're as far away from the light as our wish to stand within it.

XOXO - Chauntie :)