The Infamous Question..."What To Wear?"

The struggle is real when it comes to getting dressed!  Some people are naturally inclined to know exactly what to wear and most of all what looks good on them.  I’ve always had somewhat of an innate sense of style since I can remember but everyone struggles from time to time with “what to wear”

 Photos by,  Christie

Photos by, Christie

When thinking of what to wear, I usually start with one item of clothing that I'm really drawn to.  That could be a scarf, pants, or my favorite pair of shoes.  Then, I put the entire ensemble together.  I love shoes, so usually I’ll pick which shoes I’m going to wear and style the outfit from there. 

Get ready with me! #GRWM

I learned a little trick a while ago that has held its value throughout the years. Use a business card to apply your mascara so you don’t get it in the wrong places.  I have really curly lashes so this has been my go-to trick for years.

So, today I’m wearing a crop top from h&m and citizens of humanity denim which fit me like a glove.  Highly recommend them especially since they stretch and move with your body not against it and not to mention how amazing they make your butt look.  On to the feet... I decided to go with these gray/blue cap toe pumps! 

No matter what you wear or where you’re going, the best thing you can clothe yourself in is confidence. GO girl - get it!!!!


- Chantelle xoxo

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