Furreal Vegan Style: Faux Fur

Life is too short to worry about things beyond our control.  And, certainly far too short to wear boring clothes and drink bad wine.  So, it’s no wonder why fashionable divas are always stepping out in fur.  When I laid eyes on this jacket from Zara, I fell in love and when I tried it on I felt absolutely fabulous.  I’d say its $40 well spent for a faux fur jacket; not a bad deal at all!

 Photos by,   Dawn E.

Photos by, Dawn E.

Did I mention how wonderfully warm this thing is?!  It will stand the test of frigid temperatures no matter where you roam.  Let’s be honest, SF gets cold but its not “that” cold. But, I’m wearing my faux fur anyhow! Why not?!  

It can be worn with practically #everything so I paired it with a white bodysuit from our good ‘ol favorite, American Apparel.  Seen here with jeans and the same look with a navy leather mini skirt – you can’t go wrong not matter how you style it.

Stay away from trendy prints when it comes to choosing the perfect faux fur.  Instead, opt for more chic elegant pieces in monochromatic hues.  Timeless has always been my motto because its always on trend.  Let’s say you want a little spice to your something nice.  Just had a pair of fur gloves, or a fur scarf to the ensemble.  Keep warm and stay looking good.

Stepping outside the box has always sort of been my thing.  I’m not saying wearing fur is outside the box, but living in SF is more casual in every sense so staying true to who I am is a really big deal.  Admittedly, sometimes I do feel overdressed but that doesn’t stop me.  People are curious as to where I’m going so dressed up and I have to explain to them that its just who I am! LOL

A long time ago, a good friend of mines said something that has stuck in my head to this day.  She goes, “ I don’t want to live a mediocre life”.  As simple as that was at the time, it speaks volumes present day.  So I asked myself, what warrants mediocrity; what does that mean? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder?  My interpretation of her statement is to strive for the best no matter what you do; denouncing anything sub-standard where settling is not an option.  So for example, if you want to do something but are afraid of looking ridiculous, just do it anyways!  You’ll be glad you did.  On the other hand, as long as you’re striving to be ‘your’ best, go easy on yourself.  Remember, life is too short.  

Live in the moment and enjoy each and every day!

- Chantelle XoXo

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