Festival Season

 Sunglasses:   Sorella Boutique

Sunglasses: Sorella Boutique

I love music, and how it translates into who we are as people.  Music is a lifestyle and a language into our souls.  So, Iet's talk about festival season! Ultra, Coachella, Outside Lands, Lollapalooza, Osheaga, and Field Day season is upon us, and I’m sure you’re looking around for what you’re going to wear. So, let’s get right to it!

Here, I’m in my zone wearing the most comfortable outfit ever!  My flower crown from H&M is so adorable and the high-waisted shorts hide my waistline from any beverages I’ve been consuming.  This poncho is absolute life; its super soft and makes me feel like an enchanted grass goddess walking down natures catwalk. lol 

 Cover-up:   Express

Cover-up: Express


I would recommend wearing shoes you don’t mind getting messed up, preferably closed toe so your feet aren’t too bad by the end of it all.  And, clothes that don’t cost a fortune just in case you spill a drink all over it, it’s no big deal.  You would much rather spend that money on the fun-tivities!  

Here are a few links (click the photos) to find out where I’ve been shopping.  If you have questions or want more ideas feel free to comment below, I’m oh so happy to help!

With Love, Chantelle XOXO