Please Excuse My Fresh

 Photos by,   Ando

Photos by, Ando

Fresh starts and new beginnings are enough to make anyone rejoice.  This feeling I have is like spring cleaning, a crisp white shirt, or even better, the new scent of something I’ve never felt before.  I feel like I’ve got this adult thing down pact but constantly have to manage my worry issues.  I mean, its hard right?! When you have no idea what to expect and aren't sure what’s next.  I like to know everything, and when things are out of my control, woah, life is rough.  Blogging has given me, an outlet, a voice.  Writing has always been cathartic for me, so why not share it.  I can only hope that I’m giving back in some small way.   The words and snapshots of my experiences and interests can hopefully reach someone else in the same way others have inspired me. 

Blogging has no age limit, it doesn’t matter where you have in your life, you can pick up a pen and pad or your laptop and just write. I find my inspiration from whatever is currently going on in my life and from those around me. Currently, taking a deep breath to appreciate where I am in this very moment.  And, remembering when things are not-so-great, I have times like this to pull inspiration from. I’ve learned how to accept where I am no matter where that is and to remember, "this too shall pass".  If we could only remember the good times and as much as we recall the bad, oh "what a wonderful world" it would be, in the words of Louie Armstrong.

It's my first week in my new position and it’s sort of surreal but I feel very much present at the same time. It’s #everything I asked for; great location, learning opportunity, and people.  Before this amazing opportunity came to fruition, I prayed I would find the next step in my career.  I had the strength to take a risk towards my passion, leaving my previous company, not really knowing what was on the other side and dove into what I call “fun-employment”. 


I have to admit, the first part of my sabbatical was rough.  I was studying for the GMAT exam, working on my blog, and dedicated myself to some other projects.  I found myself super busy and I wasn’t really happy and for what?!  I thought that if I stayed busy it would prove “something” and I would be happier.   What that something was I still have no idea.  And, it doesn’t matter because the reality is, that there was nothing to prove except that I myself was enough just as I was and just as I am now.  Realizing that what I do and don’t do are not who I am.  This was by far one of the biggest learning experiences in my life. A big ah-ha moment where I realized we only have the problems we create so we have the power to choose what to spend time one and what not to. So you’re saying there’s a chance! A line from dumb and dumber. There’s a chance I can make myself happy no matter what I’m doing, no matter what anyone thinks of me.  There’s a chance I do have more control over my life than I once thought and that I can let go of the things I can’t change.

Sometimes we don’t enjoy the journey; we only look to the finish line. That was me until something shifted in my brain.   My mentality began to change from what thought I should be doing to what I love to do and I began to enjoy my days instead of worrying about what’s next.  I only applied for jobs that I knew I would love, I blogged, I worked out, and I began to sew again!  I made a skirt, I got more toned physically, and I enjoyed my application and interview processes.   

So, that brings me to where I am today.  By working on the “me” I want to be versus the “me” I thought I needed to be I could enjoy letting go and spend more time on things within my control.

 So be YOU my friends, because who you are no matter where you are in life and how you feel whether good or bad is all a part of who you are. 


Thanks for stopping by loves!

XOXO Chantelle

Oh P.S. Icing on the cake, I got a puppy, he's #everything, a bundle of kisses and love and a little teething monster lol 

He's a Pugapoo named Bootz and I could not be more in love!