Get Stitched With Stitch Fix

The Daily

The daily rush of our lives leaves very little room for self-reflection as if we have a driving force behind the crusade of life. Where every new gadget or app creates efficiency, our world is moving at a faster rate than ever before.  I often find myself spending most of my day churning thoughts like fresh butter. Today’s girl looks has “no time for that”. Finding a moment to yourself to listen to an album cover to cover or getting lost in a good read or even daze off daydreaming. Getting dressed and styling yourself can be the last thing on your list of to-do’s so here are a few tips that have helped me grab and go in the mornings. Luckily Stitch Fix sends wardrobe essentials straight to your doorstep and its so easy to sign up to get stitched! #FixObsession

 Partnering with Stitch Fix to serve this work-to-street-style look from head to toe! 

Partnering with Stitch Fix to serve this work-to-street-style look from head to toe! 

Power Outfit

I loved receiving my first Fix from Stitch! From the pop of color skirt to the leopard lace-up sandals I cannot get enough and I look forward to seeing what amazing pieces arrive in my next shipment! Stitch makes getting ready so easy for the woman on-the-go making the morning routine so much easier.

When I think about my routine for feeling amazing and stylish, I land on slinky fit cotton t-shirt or blouse, a pair of great denim jeans or trousers, and a long coat or blazer. I feel absolutely in charge and fabulous with a Starbucks iced coffee in hand! This 3-piece ensemble of empowerment carries me through meetings and transitions to an after-work happy hour or dinner party. I do, however, like to splurge on shoes so I’ll pop on a pair of heels and carry a great pair of ballet flats when my feet get tired.

Staple Pieces

Every woman needs a few wardrobe staples timeless enough to be worn when the occasion calls. There is one staple outfit every woman should own. The perfect denim, black blazer, pumps, and handbag. My investment always lands on shoes and handbags so whatever you choose to spend a few extra coins on should be worth your while. K.I.S.S - Keep it Styled Simply

All About Fit

Wearing ill-fitting clothes can affect you more than you think. Baggy clothing can make you look like a pile of clothes moving around on their own and tight fitting clothing can make you look like a stuffed sausage, haha. The beauty of choosing your power combo is all in how it fits you. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and invincible, ready to tackle the day. If it fits like a glove, that’s your go-to.

Who Wore What

No matter what your style, color, or pattern make sure you tap into the right fit for your body shape. Curvier figures might play more into a waist cinching dress whereas a vertical striped pant suit may look best on a taller figure. Find your best set of looks and maximize an assortment from there. Also, keep in mind communicating your style may not always be conventional but you must always voice yourself to some degree feeling free to show off your personal flair. Dress for the part, and own being the superstar of your show!

XOXO - chantelle