Chambers to The Weekend


When the work week has come to an end, its time to unwind and catch some sun where we can. There have been a few amazingly sunny days here and there in SF and I'm taking full advantage of them. Summer would not be complete without a crisp refreshing go-to beverage. I'm still loving 21st Amendments Hell or High Watermelon. It smells like an actual watermelon, I ordered it on a whim, I wanted something fruity and light. Initially I was little leery, since I am a IPA lover, but the server recommended it. I'd forgotten how its refreshingly not as sweet as I was expecting. Normally Watermelon flavored anything is awfully sweet. This was just a hint of watermelon. 

After sipping liquid watermelon I decided to switch gears, I mean a girl's gotta have options Rose all day! :) 

Having a little too much fun with this! I

seem to think I'm in never-never land #NeverGrowUp

If you're looking for a great place to have brunch or lounge in the evening this is it. It's one of my favorite go-to places for the relaxed vibe. It's sort of hard to identify it from street view and easy to pass like a hidden gem as if there's a secret password for entry. Once you get in, you're amazed by the decor, bookcases, and art not to mention the outdoor area. Check it out if you haven't already its a worth your while.

Cheers to the weekend!   

xoxo - Chantelle