Bring It

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Life is ever-changing.  I seem to have this idea in my head that everything is figureoutable. Which I also believe is totally true to a certain degree. But, there's another side to this. We can master almost anything we set our minds to, yet there is also beauty in the unknown. Aware that nothing in life is certain, why do I still cling to perfection or some semblance thereof? And, why take myself down this delusional road? It’s completely unrealistic! Just me, or naw?    

Pumping the breaks to get out of this cycle is hard. Everywhere I turned, I left a trail of dust filled with anxiety and uncertainty. I then noticed I increasingly began to rely on a collection of validations from people in my life, so fearful of making the “wrong” decision. Without trust there's no foundation in a relationship. And, the first relationship we must be in love with is our very own with ourselves.

Love thy Selfie. 

I spent years daydreaming about what I “thought” I wanted my life to become without realizing how amazing it already was and still is. Is this a millennial thing? Pulled in so many directions, how is it that we can’t see what’s right in front of us? I used to think, once I achieve this one thing, graduate from college, buy my first home, get engaged to the love of my life, it will fulfill me. As if these aspirations are some magic happy pill.   

It brings me to something a very wise woman said maybe once or twice, which was to "be the best YOU, you can be", thanks Nana!

At a crossroads of “what is life” & “make your shift happen”, I realized there isn’t a miraculous fast-path to “success” or “your best self”.

And,  on that note, what’s so bad about failure?! How am I supposed to be the best version of myself if I’m playing it safe afraid to slip up? Rhetorical, DNA. It’s all about perspective where some people see failure or missed opportunities others see growth and learning what works and what didn’t at that time.  

Think about right now, your current self, as the regular season. Not to be confused with "basic b". You’re just counting down for the playoffs to begin before bringing your all.

Show up. Show love. & Bring it. All of it.