NYFW First Take

NYFW Spring 2018

NYFW was a whirlwind. There were so many shows all happening at once and this was my first time tapping into this world. Leading up the attending, I reached out to several PR agencies to request access to shows and events and quickly learned it would be a bit more challenging than I anticipated. It makes total sense, they are getting tons of inquiries and I heard this was the most difficult season to tap into in a while. There were other friends and bloggers going after shows so I figured something would work out and it did! 

Tips & tricks

I made sure I brought a universal cord and battery pack to charge all of the things. You don’t want to have your phone die mid-way through a show so a portable charger was clutch. It even charges my camera! I LOVE supporting local businesses (where I live: San Francisco) so I went with Nomad they charge my phone and devices multiple times over. 

What I packed

Before taking off, I made sure I packed the bare minimum per usual when traveling. I love packing light for trips but this was the first time regretted not bringing enough clothes! One half of what I carried on this trip were skincare and makeup products and the other of what I packed were statement jackets and shoes. It’s so hard to bring all the things you need when its freezing outside and you have to bring a million sweaters & coats. 

I styled neutrals and a few statement pieces in the form of coats. The cold weather meant I had to really think about what I wanted to bring. My poor little CalPak carryon could barely keep up, one of the wheels popped out because I tried to stuff as much as possible in it! 

As for skincare I consistently use my favorite brand: Evan Healy. They have different lines depending on your skin's needs. I use their rose line, it's perfect for balancing out my combination skin. I'm oily in the middle of my face and pretty dry to normal overall. As for makeup, I use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and a MAC Mineralized powder about 3-4 shades darker than my skin tone topped with Oh Darling highlighter (I also use it on my brow bone, in my inner tear ducts, and sometimes on the lid). I created my own personalized palette with the Pro Palette refill pan its $6 per powder and $8 for the compact compared to purchasing each eyeshadow separately $16. Also make sure you save your empty containers of any MAC product, when you accumulate six empties you get a free lipstick or eyeshadow! With my Palette compact I chose four of my go-to shades; Saddle, Brown ScriptSketch, & Carbon

Day 1 ❤️PH5

Oh hey Anna! 

Oh hey Anna! 

I arrived sort of in theme of the designer PH5  wearing a layer of blouses, one long sleeve topped off with a striped blue halter top in the same fabric family. I finished the look with blue jeans and knee high boots. 

Venturing out for our first NYFW show took almost an hour from where we stayed. Although I LOVE Brooklyn, in the future, I would recommend staying in the city to make travel easier. PH5 knitwear brand founded by Wei Lin challenges the conventional vision of knitwear by marrying whimsical designs with architectural dimensions of knitting techniques. She came up with its name based on the pH scale leaning towards an androgynous architectural neutral label with an edge towards the feminine side. I loved the cut, fabric, and stripped designs. They’re timeless with a hint of modern understated surprise.

We ate next door to the Samsung building in the meatpacking district at Fig & Olive. This place was so beautiful, even in the low lighting I was able to grab these pics. We ordered a few lite bites and drinks from the HH menu. I ordered a "Summer in Provence" cocktail and Anna’s Sauv Blanc was delish.

To treat ourselves, we later met up with friends at one of the best Seafood places in the city; Lure Fishbar. OMG this place was incredible, pricey, but incredible. Pro-tip: order at the bar, oysters are half the price. We got so lucky this night they brought out several appetizers compliments of the chef and after our meal they literally let us sample full portions of every dessert on the menu. How sweet! 

Stay tuned to Find out what happened after the show ... I'll be uploading a video soon!

Day 2 ❤️Telfar

Captured by  Ashleigh Reddy   @stayreddy

Today I wore a sporty mesh shirt (here) over a Feminist AF tee (similar here), high-waisted frayed bottom jeans, off-white belt (here), and the Sex & The City Carrie Bradshaw classic Manolo Blahnik Hangisi blue pumps with a faux fur coat I got from Zara a few seasons back.

Tucked away in BK is a little spot Newyorktitlan. OMG the food was amazing, I know I keep saying that but its true! The way that guy described the food made us order whatever he told us to. The price is amazing for the amount of food we got. We ended up splitting a adobo roasted chicken sandwich that was by far the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve eaten a lot of sandwiches.

Just before the Telfar show we went to the infamous area to get a shot with the Brooklyn bridge behind us. Telfar is a unisex line for the socially savvy shopper with horizontal, democratic, universal designs.  Telfar is the eponymous menswear line of fashion prodigy and international celebrity Telfar Clemens.

Later that night, we ordered from the Chef’s choice with five rounds of On-Menu & Off-Menu Dishes tasting menu at Distilled. The night could use a little pick me up so I ordered “Wake the Dead” a cocktail with Benhez Mezcal, Cointreau, Cocchi Americano, Ancho Reyes Verde, Lemon.

After the show we met up friends at the Roxy Hotel. The place is like a big kid in the candy store there are so many places to hang out, it was pretty dark but not overly so. There’s the Roxy Bar, Oyster Bar, and down below there’s the Django, and Roxy Cinema. I LOVED this place. By this time, I was sipping water with my glass of wine.

I ❤️NY

Overall, my top five tips for NYFW are....

  1. Join facebook and community groups, you never know who might give away their seat at a show because they can't make it. 
  2. Stay as close as possible to the shows (lower manhattan) 
  3. Bring a portable charger with you everywhere 
  4. Bring flats if you wear heels
  5. When you think you have enough outfits, pack just one more!

read onto part two XO... 

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