On a Mission to Media Noche


San Francisco's food scene can be described in one word: LIT. There are so many incredible places to find what you never knew you were missing. In the Mission, lies a rich history of colorful latin influence reflected through its architecture, street art, restaurants, and bars with some of the best food you will ever eat. 

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One place in particular, now on my Nom list, is a counter service fast-casual spot called Media Noche. To start, the curb appeal draws you in with its pastel hues and a new mural in progress. This tropical vibe came over me from the moment I entered. Even on a foggy SF day, this place felt sunny and alive with it's Art Deco Miami vibe and touches of Cubano decor.


The menu is pretty straightforward with just enough of everything so you have options but not too many items that you don't know what to choose. There are snacks, rice bowls, salads, and five different cubano options to choose from. You would think I called ahead and cleared out the place before taking this shot. Turns out, it was raining this day so we got lucky with grabbing a few pictures just after the lunch crowd. I'm obsessed! I spy an LED flamingo; now I want one


Happy hour is during "industry hours" from 3pm-6pm making it perfect for those with flexible schedules or work-from-homies. On the HH menu, food items vary with a few beer and wine options sold by the glass, carafe, or bottle. I grabbed some Mariquitas while waiting for a glass of Rose. Their famous green sauce is dangerously delicious. I'm still working on getting the recipe; I'll keep you posted. 


After much debate, I decided to go the most quintessential item on the menu; El Cubano


Get in to this fresh-off-the-press goodness! Traditionally this is Miami's late night snack, but Media Noche turned this into an artisanal masterpiece perfect for day and night. It had just the right mixture of smoked ham, roasted mojo pork shoulder, swiss, house pickles and mustard in between two perfectly toasted pieces of brioche. 

I'm in love.

I'm in love.

Cafe con leche all day

Cafe con leche all day

This place has so many details; its a blogger's IG story dream from the pastel pink tiles to turquoise accents. Let's not forget the LED flamingo at the register and they even have metallic banana wall paper in the bathroom. 

During my visit, I met one of the owners, who is a complete #badass I'm so inspired by all that she and her partners have created with this place. Not to mention, she and her founding team are total vets in the industry from Nopa, Tres and Tacolicious. So you might have an idea of where to catch me on the next food-venture! 

This experience was captured behind the lens of  Zoe Larkin . 

This experience was captured behind the lens of Zoe Larkin

There's only one thing I forgot, to try - The Guava Cheesecake Moonpie. Well I guess I'll have to go back sooner than I thought, who wants to come with? 



Go check this place out for yourself, I want to hear all about your experience!

Photos by Zoe Larkin