How To Be The Most Productive Person You Know

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In today's society are we turning ourselves into productivity machines? I have read so many self help books, gone to talks, listened to podcasts, and researched how to be more productive. We all want to do more more more. But I say, it's not about piling up more work. It's about working smarter and more efficiently so we have more time for this little thing called life. 

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Practice Wellness

Don't hit snooze on me just yet here. This one is key. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Drink water and eat healthy well balanced meals. Workout and take time to be in the moment be present and center yourself. If you are not taking care of your mind and body, its easy to feel overwhelmed which will in turn can lead to underperformance. 

Getting to your absolute best physical condition will create explosive energy, renew your focus and multiply your creativity. Get out from that stuffy desk and some sun & fresh air. 

Also, can we talk about buzz-killiingtons? Say goodbye to the energy wasps in your life. You must defend your light with your life, do not let negative Nancy whisper in your ear. Surround yourself with postivie people who motivate you to be your best self. Keep those negative souls who steal your enthusiasm away; after all association does breed similarity. 




Mess creates stress

Declutter your space. I work from home quite a bit. And, I'm starting to look into coworking spaces to get out of my comfort zone. But, back to staying organized, its so helpful to know where your things are and not have stuff all over the place. It's such a distraction and honestly I fall into this trap quite frequently. So, I'm still a working progress.

Don’t say yes to every request. Requests can get messy very quickly. It's easy to say yes to everything because you want to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way but be strategic about what you take on. Make a list of questions to ask yourself before you commit to new projects. Most of us have a deep need to be liked. That translates into us saying yes to everything – which is the end of your elite productivity. 


During your work day take more breaks. Turn off your devices and think, create, plan and write. Zero interruptions. Pure focus. Huge results. Don’t be so available to everyone. Make them wait; they will survive! 


Just because you can do eight things at once doesn't mean that you should. Every time we shift back and forth we leave a little something behind and never really nail the one thing we need to do. Tasks that should take me minutes to do were taking me hours. I just couldn't set my eyes on one thing. Put the Phone Down. Distractions are invading our lives. My best advice is, stop multi-tasking.

Have you tried the pomodoro method? It's game changing and my friends have thanked me for introducing them to this. It works like this; you write down how long you think it will take you to complete a task. And you break it out into 30 minute bits, then you set a timer for 30 minutes and in that time you focus completely on one task. While you're focused on one task do not check your phone, social media, or email until you've completed that task.

Turn off alerts and notifications on your phone. You'll thank me later. When the timer goes off, you take 5 minutes to use the restroom get some air whatever you want to do. After that 5 minutes is up, you set another timer for 30 minutes and so on until the task is finished. Let me know if you try this and how you like it. And remember, peak productivity isn't about luck. It’s about being devoted. 


Create Systems

In my quest of creating systems, I came up with a few formats that worked for me when completing work tasks. For example, when I write, I come up with a topic I want to discuss, then I break it down into a few key points and expand from there. It's helped me with consistency tremendously. Then, I moved onto creating professional support systems, through career coaching and mentors. The latter was a bit awkward to be honest. Like, how do you approach someone with 'wanna be my mentor and teach me things?" Yeah, no. So, that didn't really happen but that's how I saw it in my head so I never went after it. In retrospect, I realize my friends and colleagues were already taking the role of a "mentor". 

Last year, I tried professional coaching for the first time. Coaching gets expensive and I quickly learned that they are not there to give me all the answers. There's a lot of work that has to be done on my end. Some days, I just wasn't ready or prepared to chat about my professional life but I had to anyway because I paid for it! Overall, I will have to say it was super helpful during the time period I needed it. I then had the confidence to move forward and felt as though I had what I needed to take charge of my life. So I saw a therapist instead because at that moment I realized some of my professional woes were from deep-work I needed to do on myself as a human being rather than work life situations exclusively.

This year, I got two accountability partners. We have routine check ins, help each other with our projects, and most importantly hold each other accountable. It’s so hard to change your behavior alone so find someone who wants to go along on this journey with you and be honest about your progress, or lack thereof.

And, most important of all be gentle with yourself. It's all a learning process!


Hope this helps! 

Tell me, what things help you be more productive? I want to hear!