Festival Lovin' Coachella 2018

Circa 2017 

Circa 2017 

I’m so looking forward to seeing some of my fav artists perform at Coachella, soak up some sun, and glamp for the first time! Last year, we went weekend two and when I saw all the guest appearances from weekend one I immediately caught a case of #fomo and swore to go the first weekend of any event here on out. So this year, I chose weekend one for obvious reasons!

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When tickets went on sale, I waited in line, virtually, for almost an hour, tapping my screen to make sure I didn’t lose my place in line. I finally got through to the order screen and all of the GA tickets were gone, so I had to get the ones with the shuttle pass (which I don’t even need due to where I’m staying). I might upgrade to the VIP tickets but I’m not sure if they’re worth it. The artist passes are where its at. Honestly, last year I snuck in with someone else’s VIP pass and it was cool but I wasn’t impressed and ended up heading back to GA anyways so that I could be closer to the action. So if you’re not worried about being spotted and it affecting your experience I would say GA is more than great. If you’re wanting to be away from the action a bit, and don’t want to be spotted by your fans etc, VIP might be for you if you can't score an artist pass. 

After searching high and low for airbnb options and trying to coordinate with friends, I decided to opt for getting a place for just my husband and I. The place I chose still has a community vibe which I’m happy about but we’ll have our own little oasis to chill out and get away from the crowd. I’m super excited to stay at this place, I was looking at what they had last year and it looked really cool. When chatting with the team, they even further solidified I had made a good decision for our first glamping experience in the dessert at Basecamp

There are so many cool things going on here. First off, you can set up your own camp bringing your own tent or pulling up in an RV. We’re staying in one of their beautiful bell tents. They’ll have a shower area and flushable toilets. Huge plus. There’s also a restaurant that looks bomb, pool, DJ, boutique, and hair salon onsite. Everything I need to slay-chella. Dropping this menu here because I'm going to need it later haha! 

In addition to all of the festival litivities there are tons of day parties and after parties happening in the surrounding areas. Some of them are open to the public at hotels and resorts and some of them are private. Here's an awesome list I found helpful when reaching out to RSVP. 


I packed the bare minimum (my bare minimum lol) for this trip. What I’ll be taking along with me are skincare and beauty essentials, 5-6 interchangeable outfits, face jewels, and glitter of course! Here's a mini-mood board for inspo. 


When we arrive I’ll be stopping by a Target or Walmart to pick up the following glamp materials …


I’m really looking forward to trying out some fun festival makeup looks for this trip.

Stay tuned on IG and stories to see what I’m serving.