Fresh Face With Almay


“In this day and age, we’re all learning to love the skin we’re in.”

Not too long ago, Almay welcomed me into their class of 2018, a selection of bloggers/youtubers making their own waves and paving their own paths. Being a part of this freshman class reminds me of being in school. If only I could be valedictorian at a school for fashion and culture, the quote above would be the first line in my speech.

Almay provides an array of products that will make anyone’s skin smile and help their confidence rise. With a mission to help women celebrate and enhance their natural beauty, Almay seeks to create products for women.

Each product is made with your skin in mind. This means that their products are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and sensitive. I don’t know about you, but I love the fact that I can feel comfortable using these products knowing that my skin won’t break out at the slightest touch. Making products with your skin in mind goes beyond making sure they are not irritating, but also, inclusive of all skin types and tones. This is something Almay is striving to do, expand their product lines to include shades that work for women with different ethnic backgrounds.

Okay class! Let’s move on... 

So I bet you’re wondering how they invited me to become a part of their newest class. I received the cutest product box in the mail which consisted of Make Them Jelly ™ Hi-Lite, cucumber makeup wipes, black and brown eyeliner sets, and Almay Eye Shadows. I couldn't wait to try out these new products to see how they felt on my skin. First, I’d like to say, I loved the packaging for each product. Super cute. All of the products sent to me were refreshingly nice. The lippies were great in that the colors were beautiful, the application was smooth, and the feel was perfect (not too sticky, which can feel gross!).

By far, my favorite product was the Make them Jelly ™ Hi-Lite.  The texture was oddly satisfying haha and the color was cool and almost frosty (which I loved!) Application was a bit, well...jelly lol but went on pretty smooth. I honestly really loved playing in it (haha). I use their gloss all the time and will continue to pick them up at my local Wal-mart or Target! 

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XO Loves!!