Ipsy Gen Beauty SF 2018

Ipsy Gen Beauty is all about celebrating the beauty of self-expression and life. This organization is focused on bringing creators and lovers of self-expression together to celebrate their creativity, love of self and artistic expression.  Gen Beauty focuses on other fields of self-expression outside of makeup and beauty. You’ll find musicians and visual artists working their magic, creating an environment that promotes happiness and excitement amongst Gen Beauty goers. Why am I talking about Ipsy Gen? Well! I’ll be at the Derma E booth, applying jewels to the faces of some beautiful people, from 2-6pm and I’d love to see you all there!

When is it happening? This weekend!! So, I should be seeing you San Francisco babes July 21 and 22. And, who will be there (besides me, of course!)? We have some amazing creators including: Jackie Aina, Gabriel Zamora, Madelynn De La Rosa, Jaleesa Moses, and Lynette Cenee. And what can you expect to experience while there? Wellll, like I said before, there’ll be some amazing musicians there, making sure to keep us excited and entertained. There will also be body artists, there to paint your face, your arms, and your legs (or whatever you want painted). You can also expect to sit in on a few presentations and panels, visit a few booths, and receive a glam bag full of amazing goodies!

So, let me share a little more about the company I’ll be working with while at Ipsy Gen.

 Photo credit:  @sassytownhouseliving  

Photo credit: @sassytownhouseliving 

Derma E is a cruelty-free, vegan skin care company geared toward helping us live our best lives. What I love about this company is that it not only provides skin care products with mindful, simple ingredients, but the company also aims to be a holistic company, working to do good for the skin, the community, and the environment.

Their humanitarian efforts are not just distantly monetary, but hands on and engaged. From providing life saving and life changing vitamins to at-risk children to beautifying our communities to being a large donor to the Special Olympics, Derma E makes sure to make its mark on the world we live in.


I am so excited to work with them and to bring awareness to all the beautiful ways in which the benefit both our skin and our community.


See you all there loves XO!

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