NAABW: A Day to Celebrate Beautiful and Adventurous Women of Color

        Picture this, you happen upon a teaching opportunity that allows you to travel the world and live abroad. While abroad (and at home) you receive an abundance of support and are able to gather with people whose desire to empower one another create opportunity for each other. At these gatherings, you receive advice and tips on different ways to care for yourself (both mentally and emotionally). NAABW does just that. The National Association of Adventurous Black Women provides a space for black women to find beautifully unconditional love and support in one another while also encouraging us to be our best selves. What I love about this organization its desire to fulfill the need to empower black women through sisterhood, community service (both locally and globally), and exposure (of platform and to the world around me - other cultures, points of view, etc.).

        You may be wondering why I am placing the spotlight on this organization (outside of the fact that it’s an organization focused on social entrepreneurship). Well, this idea of social entrepreneurship is beautiful in that it allows young women of color the opportunity to nurture their talents and promote their platforms through philanthropy/hands on giving and communion with others. I’m also loving the promotion of this idea of adventure. Not only does NAABW benefit women like me, but I have been given an amazing opportunity to share my story at a panel NAABW is hosting on July 14. Self-care, mental health, adventure, and social entrepreneurship are all topics that will be discussed at this panel. I am both excited and scared to share my beliefs on these very topics. This will be an adventure, right? NAABW is all about adventure and expansion of our own views through experiences. Every experience we have and opportunity we get to grow is an adventure in and of itself. Life, without adventure can be rather mundane. I’ve learned, through my experiences, that adventure and exposure to the the world outside of my little community is actually a form of self-care. Travel, connections, and experiences have all taught me the importance of unplugging from the world around me (which can be hard, being that I am a lifestyle blogger) and really experiencing and appreciating what’s going on around me. I am looking forward to seeing a few of you beautiful people at the panel! Let’s connect, support, and encourage one another. 

Here are a few people you'll be seeing at the panel!

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