A Moment in Time With Daniel Wellington

One of the biggest gifts we can get is the gift of time

Simple. Chic. Unencumbered. All ways I love to describe Daniel Wellington watches. The company got its start when its founder, Filip Tysander, met a man whose style was so unpretentious, yet put together. This man, who happened to be Daniel Wellington, carried around a particular affection for wearing these vintage watches on old NATO straps. His sense of style was the inspiration for Tysander’s watch designs and the company now carries the name of the man who inspired it all.



Tysander decided to create watches that are simple in design and comfortable in feel. What I love about the simple design, is that it allows me to wear these watches with any outfit. I can dress them up or down. It doesn’t even matter. So they offer an array of styles, all of which are minimally chic.


These styles include Classic Petit Bristol, Classic Petit St. Mawes, Classic Petit York, Classic Petit Bondi, and Classic Petit Cornwall. All names remind me of different places in England and honestly excite the travel bug in me. While I love all of the designs, my personal favorite is the Classic Petite Melrose. The gold straps provide enough flash to catch anyone’s eye, while also being soft enough to allow me to match my watch with any jewelry I decide to wear that day.

I’m really loving this brand and I hope you’ll find something you love too!